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Our 2014 kid crop has been great. We have sold all of our wethers and now in the process of selling part of our doe kids. The sires we have bred to for this years kid crop is our bucks "Little John", "Pure Power", B71, and we have AI'd to Absolute and Full Proof. Come and take a look.

Natural Breeding

The base genetics of our doe herd comes from Connie Ross, Agnew Boers, Oakridge Farm (Billie & Sherri Hall), Kelly Meat Goats and new additions from Schafer Farms, No Step Ranch, Silvergate Farms, and N&K Ranches.  We have been continually upgraded our doe herd with annual purchases and a "hard" culling practice to create the upmost uniformity.  We are very excited at the progress we have made; which is exemplified in this years kid crop.